I deal with state and federal defense against charges ranging from possession to cultivation and trafficking.

If you are the victim of police aggression, DEA, unlawful search and seizure, a drug raid, or any assault on your right to use Cannabis / Marijuana for Medicinal purposes, you need to call my office now!

How medical marijuana laws are applied and interpreted in each jurisdiction is constantly changing.  To stay out of legal trouble it is imperative that medical marijuana patients, collective members, and dispensary owners stay up to date on the latest application of law in their jurisdictions.     


Medical Marijuana cases are difficult cases to defend because of the prejudice many judges, district attorneys, and police have against medical marijuana.  You need an attorney that is qualified to defend you. At a minimum your attorney should know:

Drug Offence Laws across the country

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In CA, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana is no longer a criminal misdemeanor offense. It is now akin to a traffic ticket and is only an infraction with no possible jail time involved. The fine is only $100 but when accompanied by the penalties and assessments can bump it closer to $480. Or you can possibly do a Saturday class for a dismissal or possibly some NA meetings, although this has been much harder to get now that the former Governor Schwarzenegger reduced these cases to infractions. You are usually just stuck paying a fine now, but it will not go on your criminal history. If you have your medical marijuana recommendation from a doctor, I will have no problem getting this charge dismissed.

Protect your Medical Marijuana rights

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Here is the list: Adobe Acrobat Logo immigration consequences of Drug related offences. 

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